Hello boys!

I want to begin things properly by welcoming you to My blog.  I am very excited about sharing more of Me with you!  I expect that you will get to know Me much more fully as I share My thoughts,  My desires, and  My musings with you each week.   I do believe that I will surprise you….perhaps in some of the most deliciously naughty ways!  

Joshua woke up this morning just as he did yesterday and the day before…sweaty, hard, and tingling all over.  He had not even seen the face of his lovely enchanting Mistress yet but his thoughts of Her would not cease…not that he wanted them to of course.  Joshua had always been intrigued by dominant women and this time around was no exception.  She was so perfect to him in every way.  Her words, Her voice,  Her sexy playfulness, Her strong will and forcefulness…they all served to ignite a fire inside of him that he had never known existed…not until She walked into his life.  He imagined seeing Her beautiful green eyes looking down at him and knew that in that moment he would be powerless to Her…powerless to this beautiful sexy Femdom and ALL of  Her desires!  

But Joshua knew in his heart and in every fiber of his being that today was going to be different.  He needed desperately to make his fantasy real and meet this erotic FemDom Mistress.  He knew that She was waiting for him to say the word but he also knew that She would not wait forever.  Yet, he couldn’t help but think…was he really ready for this….ready to make his hottest and most delicious fantasy a reality?!   He must be…why would he keep having the same  dream over and over again for the last 3 months??   With that thought his cock hardened and courage was instantly his.  He picked up the phone and began wildly pushing buttons.  He felt a desperate aching inside his chest, his belly, his groin…almost a need for this hot Femdom.  A need to be Hers, completely and utterly Hers.   “Hello Mistress…I am ready.  May I come over tonight?”  “Yes bitch” is all he heard and then she was gone.  

Joshua grabbed his jacket and flew out the door nearly leaving his half cooked dinner in the oven.  His heart pounded as he ran back inside to remove it and turn off the stove.  As he drove to his enchanting Mistress,  his dream once again flashed vividly in front of him…his Mistress’s voice ringing like a bell in his head!   As he pulled into Her driveway, he could hardly contain himself…his pulse quickened, his throat went dry, his cock doing a dance of it’s very own inside his jeans.

For an erotic phone session with Empress Mandy, call 800-601-6975

Must be 18+
Calls are $2.50 per minute, with a 10 minute minimum
Discreetly billed to your credit card