Here is the latest and greatest on what sissy cum slut melody recently shared with Me! It is short and sweet but I think just a wee bit revealing…changes, changes, changes! 🙂


i’m now at the 120 day mark of Goddess Mandy’s only gay porn training.  Four whole months!  In my last update, i wrote about fantasizing more about men and paying more attention to men in person.  That’s continued and increased some over the last 30 days.  Watching men fuck now feels like a default for me.  Thinking about it makes me giddy, my clitty twitches, and my sissy pussy is hungry for cock.


By those measures, i think Goddess Mandy’s training has been a success.  i’m sure She has new devious things in store for me to keep improving me as Her submissive.


Thank You, Goddess!

sissy cum slut melody


Ohhhhhhhh and when W/e spoke the other day, melody asked Me for something that she thought would further her training! I love that she did!! And I wasn’t sure if I liked it initially, but mulling it over I took to the idea more and more…Are you curious…even just a lil tiny bit?!? 😉


Well, I told her that she needed to share what I said Yes to, and to write another update on her training and subsequent thoughts and feelings about it ALL!!! 🙂


Sooooo…you know what that means…stay tuned! 😉


Joy & Love,

Goddess Mandy 🙂 XO