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Sometimes More Than Monsters Come Out On Halloween…

There was a huge Halloween Bash going on in the “city” Saturday night and it’s all that anyone seemed to be talking about, including Lori. There were tons of big colorful posters plastered around town…great food, wine, beer, and prizes for the most colorful, most scary, and best overall. Kelly loved having fun…loved to dance…but not so much big crowds or strangers. She totally considered herself an introvert.  But Lori had been asking her about it almost daily, for the last couple of weeks. “Now is your chance, it’s perfect!” she kept saying. 🙂

Lori and Kelly had met almost exactly two years earlier at a local yoga studio. Neither of them had been there before, so they were super early so as not to be late. They walked into the building together, smiling at one another as they both tried to figure out where exactly to go. They soon found the quiet studio, grabbed a mat and some blocks and began to chat. Lori learned that this was Kelly’s very first yoga class ever and she was so excited for her. Kelly had always wanted to try yoga but was afraid of not being flexible enough. 🙂

After class they walked around the corner to the cutest little coffee shop…they talked and laughed and found out just how much they had in common. They were both 31 and only days apart, loved animals, shopping, short skirts and dresses, really colorful sparkly things, 80’s music, dancing, and make-up done just so. Kelly wished that she had Lori’s hair, nose, and lips. She found Lori to be just so pretty, inside and out! 🙂

Three days before the Halloween Bash, Kelly finally agreed to go. Lori was perhaps her very best friend now and she trusted her completely. She was definitely the ONLY one who would be able to convince her that she just might actually have some fun. 🙂 And  Lori promised her that she was going to make her look and feel so amazing that she couldn’t help but have fun!! 🙂

It was almost 7pm and Kelly knew that Lori would be over at any moment. She was as anxious as she was excited and knew that Lori had been scheming and planning since she agreed to go. Her thoughts were racing…was it too late to back out? Just then the doorbell rang and Kelly had her answer. She opened the door to find her glowing smiley best friend. “Are you ready to party with me, sexy girl?!?” Kelly couldn’t help but laugh as she pulled her friend inside. 🙂

Unbeknownst to Kelly, Lori had decided that they were both going to be VERY naughty school girl’s together…plaid red, white, and black skirts, black fishnet stockings, tight short white blouses, matching plaid tie, sexy 3″ black buckle heels, bright red lipstick, and smokey eyes! 🙂

As they got upstairs, Lori plopped down her big purple duffel bag on Kelly’s bed.  Seconds later sexy, hot, naughty things were strewn all over her bed. “OMG…I can’t wear these!!!” “Why…don’t you like them, Kelly?” “They’re really pretty but waaaay too small…people will know for sure that I’m a trans girl.” 🙂

Lori hadn’t thought about that. Kelly always dressed very conservatively. She wasn’t very comfortable showing much skin, at all. But tonight was going to be different. She would totally help her beautiful friend embrace the naughty little slut that she knew was just dying to come out! 🙂

As they got dressed they had a little bit of wine and put on Madonna to totally get them in the party mood! They shared the big full length mirror as compliments went back and forth along with agreeing to disagree about who the “boys” would find hotter. They were already having a total blast! 🙂

As they got into the Uber they smiled at each other and promised that they would not leave each other’s side. Kelly was SO nervous…her stomach was in her chest and her legs felt a bit unsteady, too. Lori knew her friend was struggling and she grabbed her hand for support as they walked up the steps to the front door. Upon entering the noisy massive hall, heads turned as eyes stared! They looked at each other with a knowing smile as Madonna’s lyric…”like a virgin touched for the very first time” proudly rang out! 🙂

What will happen next?!? I would love to continue this story with YOUR help! So I am inviting you to continue this story in any which way you would like…no minimum on words…750 words max. AND…if I pick YOURS I will post it on my blog and you shall receive 10 minutes free added to your paid call 🙂


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