but it’s also Spring

and the birds are singing

and the flowers are springing

and the grass is growing

and I am confidently knowing

that things are getting just a wee bit better

so what do you say?

let’s be optimistic today

what’s the downside of that?

yes, it could fall flat

but I say let’s give it a go…

and trust what you know

listen to you gut

and get out of your rut

yes, spring is here

and one thing is clear

it’s time for you to bloom, as well!


So in addition to this being my most favorite time of the year…May is also the month that I was born in. So it’s no wonder that I just love Spring! 🙂 And to celebrate this month of my birth…I would like to give YOU a present! And here is my present to you…for the entire month of May if you book “schedule” a 30-minute call (or longer) with me I will gift you with 5 free minutes to be used on that very call. **This is only for May.**


And if you don’t or can’t take me up on this offer that’s totally OK. But sending along special birthday wishes and/or perhaps even a special birthday gift would be so lovely and so appreciated! And, it would be sure to put a HUGE 🙂 on my face!



Joy & Love,

Goddess Mandy 🙂 XO