Her voice took on that slightly sarcastic, humiliating tone as she gazed down at my cock.  “Well well, what do we have here. A leaker, a fucking little leaking cock.”


I could feel the heat rising in my cheeks as she removed one of her gloves and swiped her finger over the oozing cockhead.  Her eyes looked into mine as she brought her finger to my lips and wiped my precum on them.


“Don’t lick now,” she teased. Her finger came back to my cock and she collected more of the leaking precum. Her eyes never left mine as she lifted her finger, brought it closer to my lips, then to hers and she licked her finger before taking it into her mouth.


“Mmmmmmmm. Tastes so good. Have you ever tasted it, puppy?” I could only shake my head and manage a weak “No Mistress, I haven’t.” “You want to though, I can tell.”  “No,” I protested, pulling back my head from her face, my body shivering at the thought.


She reached for what looked like a small harness that she had brought with the cuffs and chains.  “We will just have to do something about this cock then.” She held it up to me. “A cock harness, puppy, this should take care of it.”


She squatted down before me and wrapped the larger strap behind my balls. After snapping it closed, she gave a little squeeze and tug to my balls. The smaller strap was placed around my cock and closed tightly, almost pinching.  


She swiped the remnants of the precum from the head of my cock and lifted it again to my lips. “Are you sure you don’t want any, puppy?”


Her voice softened, a tone between teasing and pleading if that is possible. “Not even for me… For Mistress… To please me… Just a little taste… Just this once… Just for me, puppy.”


By this time, I wasn’t sure who was in charge of my body.  I could not offer any resistance. It was as though someone else was pulling the strings and I was just dancing to them.


My head leaned forward and the tip of my tongue snaked out from my mouth. Mistress then rested her finger on my tongue and I licked it. My head hung lower as I swallowed my precum for her. Her fingers gently lifted my chin, her blue eyes so soft as she moved closer to me.  


I felt the softest of kisses on my lips and then I heard, “You are such a good boy for me, such a very good boy.”


My head was spinning. I had never experienced anything like this before. I could only describe it as something like an out of body experience. It was as if I had been separated from my body and I was looking down at this scene occurring before my eyes.


My eyes widened and I began to come back to the present when Mistress picked up what looked to be a blindfold and held it up to me.  A feeling of dread and panic began to take over, my breathing deepened, my body began to shake. Somehow, I managed to utter “Red, red.”  


Her fingers began to run through my hair, her fingers petting caressing. The blindfold had been lowered and her voice was so soft and soothing.  


“It’s alright, puppy. Just breathe, try to relax. It is just you and me. No one is going to hurt you, I promise. I won’t let that happen, puppy.  Yes, that’s better. Deep breaths. Good boy. You know you are my good boy, don’t you?”


My body had slumped and it was only the cuffs that held me upright.  The sense of relief began to fill me, “Yes Mistress, I know. I want to be your good boy.”



Joy & Love,

Goddess Mandy 🙂 XO