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Three is Definitely not a Crowd


As her fingertip landed on the hard nipple, a moan escaped Karen’s lips, a fog seemed to envelop her.  She had never in her life done anything like this. Her tongue snaked out of her mouth to lick her dry lips.  She could not resist the urge to move her finger back and forth over Lisa’s nipple.


A soft whisper pierced the fog.  “You’re a good girl. A very good girl for me,” Doug had whispered in her ear.


Karen just moaned. She was then told it was enough and to take her finger from Lisa’s breast.  


A heavy sigh floated in the air as Karen’s hand fell to her lap. Her chest rising and falling as her breathing had deepened. Her eyes had closed and she felt the soft touch of Doug’s fingers caressing her cheek.  Her head tilted and she leaned into the caress. “You have pleased me greatly, Karen.”


She moaned as he left her and went back to stand behind Lisa.  He told Lisa she had been so good and she deserved a reward.


He placed his hands on her shoulders, then slowly dragging them down her arms to her waist and then even more slowly to her thighs.


Taking the hem of her skirt in his fingers he gently pulled it to her waist while he kissed and nibbled on her neck. He growled into her ear instructing her to remove her panties. She let her dangling shoes drop to the floor and lifted her hips as she pushed the panties down over her knees and let them fall to the floor as well.


Karen tried so hard not to look, but the moth was drawn to the flame.


Lisa had parted her legs to give her friend a full view of her wet swollen pussy lips and the sliver of a landing strip on her mons.  Doug’s fingers found her pussy and rubbed over her wet lips and clit.


Lisa began to moan and squirm as he played with what was his. His fingers slipped in her needy cunt and the sounds of fucking started to fill the air.  


Karen sat there squeezing her thighs together and releasing them as her hands moved over her pants.  She was then allowed to push them down and touch herself but only through her panties. She was not to touch her tingling wet cunt.  


Karen eagerly pushed down her slacks and spayed her thighs. The wet spot on her panties was very evident. She began to rub herself in rhythm to his fucking Lisa.  


“You are not to cum, Karen. Not without permission.”


She could only groan as the desire burned deeply as she watched him tease Lisa’s dripping tight cunt. It was not long before the first “please” came from her lips.  No, was the reply. Then another and another… each one with more desperation.


“Who do you cum for, Karen?”


“I cum for you, please please let me.” “Just me, Karen? Only me?” “Yes, just for you, only you.” Her body began to shake as she fought her need. “Cum, Karen. Cum for me. Only me. Be my very good girl and cum.”



Joy & Love,

Goddess Mandy 🙂 


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5 comments to Three is Definitely not a Crowd

  • Good great day in the morning! I think the temperature just shot up 20 degrees in here, and it has made me feel rather lightheaded. (Of course, that could be caused by the panting…)

    Oh, Ms. Mandy, Ms. Mandy! Sometimes I feel like sitting down to read the entries on your blog is like poking a hornet’s nest with a stick. I know better. I know what dangers lie there, but I do it anyway – because I cannot resist the temptation!

    I would love to stay and chat, but I need to… I think I’ve got to… Dammit! Something’s on fire, and I’ve got to go put it out!!! 😉

  • Mandy

    Ohhhh Ms.EmmaJane…I do so love when you stop by and grace me (and everyone) with your wonderfully upbeat and sexy energy!! And I love that you do continue to poke the “hornet’s nest” as you call it, lol. Hopefully that fire of yours wasn’t too hot to handle! 😉

  • Slutsky Slutterson

    Goddess Mandy that waaaasss so hot!! Damn wish I wasn’t locked up and on orgasm probation!!

  • Mandy

    Thank you, Slutsky Slutterson! I am so glad that you found John’s story HOT! I know that you are not alone. His stories definitely have a way of inspiring in the most wonderful of ways. Come back soon! 🙂

  • Mandy!
    OMG what you do to us! LUV LUV LUV this post! Cannot wait for a session with you!


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