As I sat on the plane I had plenty of time to relax and daydream and reminisce about the wonderfully fun and sexy adventures I had just had on My lil Florida vacation!


I would not have imagined being so comfortable, especially with Mistresses I had not met previous to this week.


But they were fun, sexy, open, and so easy to talk with.  They felt like the kind of friends you have known all of your life…the kind of friends that I could share just about anything with and know that My secrets would be safe.


But, all of this being said, I really did NOT expect the night to go as it did…


It was a typical warm and muggy Florida night… absolutely puuuuuurfect for skinny dipping.  *wink*


But could I??  How would the other ladies feel if I just sauntered past them in the living room with no clothes on…wouldn’t that be kind of presumptuous of Me?!?


I have to say that I LOVE being naked but I just wasn’t sure it was the right time or place to indulge this part of Me.


And then I thought to Myself…you only go around once and besides, if any of them decided to take off their clothes I certainly wouldn’t bat an eye!  🙂  So, I did it…I gave in to My urges!!!


Well, what happened next was simply delicious!!   And although I recall it just a lil bit differently, Ms. Daphne certainly captured the essence (Mine in fact lol) so very well!


Here is a small sexy snippet of Her post…below that a link to ALL of  the Mmmmmmmmm:


“I leaned forward, opened my mouth, and pulled her luscious nipple past my lips and into my mouth. It got hard instantly and I licked the tip of her nipple to make it even harder. I couldn’t hear her, but I felt the vibrations of Mandy’s moans in her chest.”