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Musings by the Pool


It’s a warm summer night and I’m sitting by the pool.  And I’m going to take a break from my usual posts.  Being bored, lazy or unfocused can often be a negative.  However, when it’s the right time and the right mental space…they can be a positive.


I am embracing the long warm summer days to practice being in the now.  I hope that you all have an opportunity whether it’s during the lazy summer, the crisp colorful fall, the cold cozy winter, or the gentle rebirth of spring to be lazy, bored or unfocused.


If you can do this in a positive way….to embrace your surroundings, your environment, and those who share it with you…you can turn these seemingly negative adjectives into positives.


We can’t be lazy all of the time or we would never be a productive member of society. We can never be bored all of the time or we will lose interest in the important things that surround us. We can never be unfocused all of the time or we will not see the world and the good friends around us. But if we do not occasionally embrace the positive qualities of being lazy, bored or unfocused we can never truly embrace the now and be comfortable with ourselves.


This is either very profound or it’s inspired by the margarita I’m sipping by the pool. Either way, I hope that it gives you something to think about and something to perhaps strive for.


In the end…all we have is the now…the past is gone and the future is yet to be.


Joy & Love,

Goddess Mandy 🙂 XO



8 comments to Musings by the Pool

  • Joe in FL (mrtone24)

    Good for you, Mandy! Here in South Florida I have learned a lot about the restorative powers of lazy and unfocused beach time! I’m certain your pool is doing the same for you! 💋 ❤

  • Tom

    U have to cherish everyday with ur freinds family and not take life for granted. I look cherish everyday and get a second at life and look at life different now. I am a miracle and ispsire people now

  • Mandy

    Thanks Joe! It was and is so nice to be in that space sometimes. 🙂 I am glad that you know how to be lazy and unfocused and all that it can do for you!!!

  • Joe in FL (mrtone24)

    Well, Mandy, there is a side benefit to my relaxation, in that it gives me time and space to think about YOU! And you and me, and… oops, time to jump in the water and cool down lol 💋❤

  • Mandy

    You are absolutely right…I could not agree with you more! It’s wonderful that you’ve had a second chance at life. We know that not everyone has this opportunity.

  • Mandy

    LOL! Nice Joe…I love it!!!! 🙂

  • Princess

    It is vital that we care for ourselves — you must do that before you can care for others. And society and advertising suggests that every moment must be exciting or aspiring or meet some image of perfection that is just not real. Life is boring and hard and annoying and messy. It is also wonderful, exciting, surprising and, if you look for it, full of love and possibility. So I am glad you are at the pool and thinking your thoughts!

  • kneelcc

    Thank You Goddess for such a beautiful and inspiring post. Thank You also for being the one who keeps me from being lazy, bored, and unfocused.

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