You have just awoken from the Orgasm Denial Cottage of Ms. Riley and now you are about to experience Mandy’s Magical Mushroom Meadow

It was Halloween morning and one of Mandy’s closest friends decided to come for a visit. The weather had been stellar for October in New England so they had planned to take a nice long walk in one of her favorite spots. Mandy had always enjoyed walking almost anywhere, but there was something special about walking in the woods. There was always a special pull..a special sort of allure with all of the majestic trees, the jagged and smooth rocks, the birds with all of their colorful bodies, and the hundreds if not thousands of different plant life growing as far as the eye could see!


Mandy and Benji didn’t get to see each other very often but their friendship went back all the way to grade school.  Benji was actually  Benjamin and Mandy was the only one that called him that. He was Benjamin or Ben to everyone else, but Mandy was special to him. He would always be her Benji.


Mandy told Benji that she really missed seeing him the last five years and was so incredibly glad that he could spend a few days with her! His smile lit up the room as he told her that it was going to be an awesome few days together!


Benji’s flight got in super early so it was still morning as they contemplated their plans for the day. Mandy told Benji that she had the perfect place in mind for their walk and that she had been waiting to go there again, specifically with him. She told him that it might sound silly but that it felt like a very magical place. Benji looked at Mandy with his inquisitive big brown eyes, wanting to ask lots of questions of his childhood friend. “Shhhh don’t ask me anything right now.” Mandy said as she put her fingers over his mouth. “Let’s just go!” Mandy grabbed the wooden picnic basket she had mostly packed the night before and off they went.


It was an extra short drive to the trails, as they laughed together all the way.  As they got out of the car, Mandy grabbed Benji’s hand and her favorite green blanket and led him into the forest. It was the perfect day for a walk, a picnic, or really anything with her beautiful friend. Benji looked so cute and smelled so yummy. He always made her feel so good about herself. He was definitely one of the sweetest guys in the world and she felt lucky that their friendship had remained strong over the years.


Benji took the basket out of Mandy’s hand as he could tell that her arm was getting a bit tired with that extra weight. As they walked down her favorite path, Mandy noticed that things looked a bit different. Almost  as if everything was brighter and more vibrant…the leaves, the moss, the rocks were all sort of pulsating. Mandy looked at Benji and smiled…she could tell that he was not seeing things in the same manner that she was. And that was alright.


As they turned the corner there was a lovely low clearing of meadow. “This is perfect for our picnic, you hungry?” Benji shared that he was ravenous as he had barely eaten anything since leaving for the airport. As they settled on the blanket and popped open the basket, Mandy noticed that her friend was clearly distracted by something on the ground next to him.


Benji was looking at what appeared to be a small misshaped mushroom. Instead of a round smooth cap, the cap had a depression in the middle which almost appeared to be a slit. “What are you looking at, Benji?” “I”m not really sure, but I almost feel like I can’t stop staring at it!” Mandy noticed that Benji was surrounded by them even though neither of them had noticed any mushrooms before they sat down. Benji said, “It seems to be glowing, almost pulsating with energy.” Mandy had noticed it’s odd shape but not the pulsing.


As Mandy leaned forward to get a closer look, her hand pressed against something that felt both soft and firm at the same time. She looked down to see a mushroom much larger and taller than the one Benji seemed to be unable to take his eyes off. This mushroom had a long and stout shaft with a smallish cap. Mandy’s first thought was that it looked like a little cock.


Mandy looked around her, and just like Benji, she was surrounded by mushrooms. They all looked the same, except the one her hand was touching. This one seemed to be glowing and pulsing with energy.


Mandy looked up to see that Benji had picked his mushroom. He began to sniff and smell it. Mandy wanted to call out to Benji and warn him that mushrooms can be dangerous, but she realized that she had just picked the mushroom that she was touching. Mandy felt compelled to pull the mushroom to her nose and inhale it’s musky scent. Mandy knew it was wrong and dangerous but she needed to have the mushroom in her mouth. As she slipped the cap of the mushroom between her lips, she saw that Benji was licking the crevice in his.


Mandy began to suck and roll her tongue all around the mushroom.  Mandy felt the mushroom swell in her mouth as she increased her speed and pressure. All of a sudden the mushroom seemed to explode in her mouth, as warm sticky fluid hit the back of her throat. Mandy felt compelled to swallow every drop of the fluid. As she did, the mushroom in her mouth seemed to shrivel and disappear. For a few seconds, Mandy seemed to have come out of her trance, all seemed well.


Then suddenly, she felt a strange pressure in her panties. It was almost as if her body was expanding and pushing her panties away from her body. Mandy panicked and quickly undid the button on her jeans to see what was going on. As she unzipped her pants, she could see poking out of the top of her panties a large swollen cock. She looked over at Benji whose eyes were going back and forth from her unimaginably large phallus to her eyes and back again…

***To Be Continued***

Now follow the Enchatrix Enchanted Forest to the next Mistress Daphne I am sure she has something fun planned for you here



Joy & Love,

Goddess Mandy 🙂 XO