melody continues the story…


As they left the party, Lori’s phone quickly found a nearby driver to take her and Kelly back to Lori’s house. In the rear seat of a roomy SUV, Lori whispered into Kelly’s ear, “Sweetie, your panties are soaking wet! How is our little friend doing in its tiny cage?” Lori slipped a hand into Kelly’s panties, eliciting a gasp from Kelly, and confirmed Kelly was still locked up tight and leaking large amounts of pre-cum. Lori gently ran her pre-cum wet fingers across Kelly’s lips.


Kelly tried, unsuccessfully, to pull her school girl skirt down to hide her wet panties. “Oh, don’t worry, sweetie,” Lori continued whispering. “I think our driver is more focused on me since I seem to have forgotten my panties back in the bathroom. Whoops!” Suddenly distracted by traffic, the driver’s attention shifted back to the road while Lori continued to subtly ply Kelly with whispers.


“You smell like cock and cum and pussy, just like a good little slut should smell,” Lori whispered with more directness creeping into her voice. “I knew deep down you were a slut and possibly had been one before. Your expert cock sucking and pussy eating shows me I’m right. So what changed?”


Kelly’s mind, awash with emotions and arousal, finally responded. “I felt out of control, I guess.”


“I bet you have two voices playing in that pretty head. One is a slut, loud and proud, but the other voice whispers no, especially the next day. And you eventually let that voice win and have tried to ignore the slut. Am I right?”


Kelly had never thought of it so succinctly, but Lori was dead on. All Kelly could do is nod yes.


Lori saw her opening and took it. “What you need is my voice to guide and eventually replace the one that is holding you back. You’ve already shown your devotion to me. Even the beginnings of your worship of me tonight. If you want me to be your Goddess, simply ask to worship me.”


Kelly’s heart pounded and her mouth was dry. She had secretly wanted this for as long as she could remember, and now it was happening. “May I please worship you as my Goddess?”


Lori leaned back and said loud enough for the driver to hear, “Of course, sweetie!” Kelly blushed redder than she ever thought she could and was thrilled to see they had finally arrived back at Lori’s house.


Whispering in Kelly’s ear as the car pulled into the driveway, Lori said, “You can continue worshiping your Goddess on your knees, again. Go inside and kneel facing the couch and do not look away from it or speak until I tell you to. You’ll find I reward good behavior, and so far tonight, you’ve been a VERY good girl.” When the doors unlocked, Kelly had never moved so fast in heels before and was on her knees, facing the couch before she knew what was happening. She heard Lori say good bye to the driver, the SUV pull out of the drive way, and Lori lock the front door before going to her bedroom. Kelly waited for what felt like hours but really was only a few minutes.


“You can turn around now, sweetie.”


Joy & Love,

Goddess Mandy 🙂 XO