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Timmy Learns His Role

When I visited Mary that week she did some things that I now realize were pretty different. At the time I was just sort of overwhelmed.

Several times she changed right in front of me. She did not totally strip but she changed her top or her jeans and just chatted with me as she . . . → Read More: Timmy Learns His Role

Timmy…A Shy Boy’s Story


I always felt at least a little intimidated by girls. Always. With Mary it was no different. She was smart and pretty and what I would call “peppy”. I liked her a lot and she sort of took me under her wing a bit. I was 19 or 20 at the time.


. . . → Read More: Timmy…A Shy Boy’s Story

Finally the Doors Opened


…and Mandy stood there framed by the doorway. Her hair brushed out and looser than before, her nipples hard and pinker than he ever imagined. She wore only the jewelry, the wisp of a thong and her stiletto heels. He was amazed and totally enthralled.


She told him to come closer . . . → Read More: Finally the Doors Opened

What’s Behind Door 453?


Mandy felt some trepidation and fear as she headed for the elevator. She tried to think who was near her when she told he husband she wanted the jewelry.  It was all a blank now.


As the elevator rose she took off the earrings she was wearing and put the other . . . → Read More: What’s Behind Door 453?

Dinner, Drinks & Devious Desire


As she walked to their table, arm in arm with John, the looks and comments did not stop.  They stopped for a moment on the way and she heard an older man at a nearby table remark, “I wonder how much that costs.”  His wife slapped at his arm and droned, “Even if . . . → Read More: Dinner, Drinks & Devious Desire