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All is Finally Revealed to Puppy


“Please Mistress Veronica, please tell me.”  “Oh, I can do better than that. I can show you.”  


Her hands slipped behind my head and untied the blindfold.  It seemed to float away from me and my eyes blinked and blinked again and again to adjust to the light.  


She . . . → Read More: All is Finally Revealed to Puppy

More Pleasure for Puppy


She then bent over and blew a current of air over the head of my cock. I fought to hold still and just moaned. Then a sharp sting on my thigh as she flicked the tip of a crop against it.  “Pleasure and pain, puppy.” I felt the leather tip of the crop . . . → Read More: More Pleasure for Puppy

Veronica Allows Puppy to Play

She was standing so close to me then, her lips placing soft kisses on my cheeks, over my jawline as she petted me.  “You are my good boy. I am so pleased with you, so proud of you.”


The hand that was holding the blindfold began to rise.  Her voice piercing the . . . → Read More: Veronica Allows Puppy to Play

Veronica’s New Puppy

Her voice took on that slightly sarcastic, humiliating tone as she gazed down at my cock.  “Well well, what do we have here. A leaker, a fucking little leaking cock.”


I could feel the heat rising in my cheeks as she removed one of her gloves and swiped her finger over the . . . → Read More: Veronica’s New Puppy


My breathing became deep and I shook with anticipation as Mistress Veronica led me from the room and up the stairs.  She brought me to a room with French doors and slid one open. I tried to look around as I entered the large room.


The room was a mixture of red . . . → Read More: Veronica…Pleasure…Pain