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And F is For…LOL!




I really don’t want to choose!


They ALL sound so damn good…don’t you think?!?


But, what could be better than a finger running around the rim of your anus?!?


Maybe it’s a tease…


Or maybe it’s foreplay that will lead to much much more… 🙂


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Sharing More Of My ABC’s…


And now we are at E!


And I know that I’ve said a few words (at least) on this topic previously but more really needs to be said.


So can you guess what I picked for the letter E?!?


Well, if you guessed ENEMA, you are right!


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You Can’t Change Everything…


but you can change the little things and sometimes that’s enough!


Below are 7 Inspirational Quotes from professionals from all walks of life (author, artist, actress, psychologist) or should I just say people…because we are all just people.  We have our strengths, we have our weakness…and that is what distinguishes us.  It . . . → Read More: You Can’t Change Everything…

Choosing Is So Hard…So I Am Not Going To!


As most of you know by now last month was My 6-Year LDW Anniversary!!  And to help me celebrate I asked for submissions from YOU on what makes LDW so very special to you.  I want to say a big thank you to everyone who took the time and energy to share!  

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