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Now Here Comes D!


And My pick for the letter D is…….




I was thinking about discussing DILDOS but I covered a lot about them in my last post under “C”.  🙂  


So, although not the be all end all of being a good lil cocksucker, it is a great thing . . . → Read More: Now Here Comes D!

My Anniversary Is Almost Over…Say It Ain’t So!


And even though I know it’s true, I don’t want it to be true.  I don’t want my Anniversary Month to end!  I want to keep the Celebration going and going and going!


After all, 6 Years in such a wonderful place is ABSOLUTELY worth celebrating, don’t you think???


And I . . . → Read More: My Anniversary Is Almost Over…Say It Ain’t So!

Continuing My ABC’s!


Hmmmmmm what is C?!?  Oooooh well it could certainly be many things!  One thing that immediately cums to mind is “COCK”.   And there are so many out there…even in the strap-on variety!


So how do you choose???


Well, I think there are lots of things one might consider.  Here are . . . → Read More: Continuing My ABC’s!

It’s My Anniversary…Let’s Celebrate!!!


Well…not just today…but the entire month of March!!  How cool is that?!?  Who gets to celebrate an anniversary for an entire month???  It just doesn’t happen, right?!  🙂


So, you may have figured it out by now but this entire month is my Anniversary with LDW…Yay!!!!  And I also bet that you’ve . . . → Read More: It’s My Anniversary…Let’s Celebrate!!!

And “B” is For…


Bend Over Baby or to put it a bit more crassly…Bend Over Bitch cause here comes my cock!!  

Of course some of you shared your thoughts on what “B” should be, didn’t you?!  And I so appreciate your input, thank you!!


More than a few of you said…BBC!  And who doesn’t . . . → Read More: And “B” is For…