If you read the title of my post and said, HELL YES!!! Or something similar to that 😉 then I will tell you what you need to do! The very first step is super easy…you need to “call” me ON Valentine’s Day…The Day of Love. 🙂 And instead of you giving me a gift…I will be giving YOU a gift of my time, attention, and affection (AND 7 FREE MINUTES)! However, if you’d like to show your Goddess just how much you adore her…a gift is always appreciated!  Especially on Valentine’s Day…The Day of Love! 🙂


So here are The Day of Love Rules that you must follow if you truly would like to Be My Valentine AND receive 7 Free Minutes:

1- This special can only be enjoyed on Valentine’s Day (February 14, 2022).

2- Your call, text session, or Skype session must be at least 30 minutes.

3- Your call, text session, or Skype session must be placed/paid for as “open”.

4- Your call, text session, or Skype session needs to be set up through dispatch.

5- You need to ask for it by saying…”I want to be Goddess Mandy’s Valentine”.

6- You do not need to make an appointment in advance but (as you may know) I would love it if you do!

7- It’s the Day of Love…open your mind, open your heart, share, be vulnerable. But most of all let’s have fun and enjoy each other!


Joy & Love,

Goddess Mandy 🙂 XO