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Will Melody Satisfy Goddess Mandy


“Please assume your normal teasing position, melody,” Goddess Mandy instructed. Quickly, i got on all fours with my clitty bobbing and starting to drip. Grabbing a condom, i slipped it on to make sure to capture all of the pre-cum and what i was hoping would become real cum. Goddess Mandy lubed Her hand and started stroking my clitty.


As usual, i quickly lost count of the number of starts, stops, and edges. The only words spoken for what must have been 45 minutes was simply me asking Goddess Mandy to stop to prevent me from cumming without permission. At this point, i was beginning to despair that this was going to be a normal one hour teasing session with me locked again with no orgasm and a condom already full of pre-cum. Finally, Goddess Mandy spoke.


Stroking me and keeping me on the edge, She said, “I have a few simple questions for you, melody. Depending on how you answer will determine how satisfied I am. How satisfied I am will determine whether you get to cum or not. It’s been over two weeks since I last let you cum, and if you do not earn an orgasm tonight, it will probably be some time before you have another opportunity. Do you understand?”


Groaning, i grunted out, “Yes, Goddess, i understand.”


“Good! Now, I know you had the pleasure of tasting my pussy this weekend, but tell me, which did you like more, my pussy or the cum inside it?” She followed the question with a forceful jerk on my clitty.


“Marcus’ cum inside of Your pussy, Goddess,” i admitted, thinking back to the wonderful experience.


“Next question for you. I know you have lots of questions and concerns about the video I mentioned. First, let me say, the video, with full audio, shows you in all of your whorish and faggot glory. I am quite pleased with the quality and pleased with your performance. Since you are so concerned about it, i will give you a choice. Should I delete the video or should I keep it, with the possibility I might show it to someone some day?”


Another hard pull on my clitty almost send me over the edge. My breathing was almost panting, and my head was swirling. Thoughts of being fucked, the humiliation of the weekend, the humiliation of having it recorded, the fear of who might see it, and the almost uncontrollable desire to cum filled my head. Physically, mentally, and emotionally, i could only give one answer, “You should keep the video, Goddess.”


Joy & Love,

Goddess Mandy 🙂 XO





6 comments to Will Melody Satisfy Goddess Mandy

  • Joe in FL

    I’m thinking of different subject matters, and only two characters (you and me!), but I must say, I find this manipulative and demanding Mandy very arousing! I love how your nasty sexy side is creeping out, too! XOXO 💋❤

  • Mandy

    Oooooh thanks Joe! I love that you are enjoying seeing these parts of me! And you’re definitely making me wonder just how “our” story would unfold. Although to be honest…I probably have at least a tiny little idea on how things might go! 😉

  • I do love the way you made little Melody sing herself into a very sticky situation. It’s exciting to use a little slut’s clitty against her and make her say things she’s sure to regret later. When she begs you to delete the video, just remind her how she begged you to keep it before! 😉

  • Mandy

    I know Ms. Piper, that can be very fun to do. It’s amazing just how desperate they can become sometimes!! But sissy melody is always a VERY good girl for me! 🙂

  • Joe in FL

    Haha, and I’m certain no one wants to contemplate being ganged up on by Piper AND Mandy! Except under, um, different circumstances… 😆 💋 ❤

  • Mandy

    LOL! I think that you just might be right, Joe! And yes different circumstances could be incredibly fun and sexy…agreed!!! 🙂

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