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Mandy’s Party Dress


They walked into the ballroom and a wave of silence began as conversations stopped and eyes turned to Mandy.  As she saw people she knew, she smiled and gave a little finger wave. Her dresses were always the topic of conversation and this year would be no exception. Her gown would come to . . . → Read More: Mandy’s Party Dress

More Magnificent Mindful Musings


But these musings are not mine. Instead, they come from the musings of some of the greatest mindful minds of our times. I hand-picked each and every one of these quotes and love them. I hope that one or more of them resonates with you!


“Mindfulness is a way of befriending ourselves . . . → Read More: More Magnificent Mindful Musings

More Musings not Necessarily by the Pool


Did you enjoy my last post? Did it give you pause for even a moment? Or perhaps for even a little bit longer? I hope so…that was absolutely the desired effect. 


Like I said…sometimes being bored, lazy, and unfocused is positive.

It’s where you are right now…and likely where you need to . . . → Read More: More Musings not Necessarily by the Pool

Musings by the Pool


It’s a warm summer night and I’m sitting by the pool.  And I’m going to take a break from my usual posts.  Being bored, lazy or unfocused can often be a negative.  However, when it’s the right time and the right mental space…they can be a positive.


I am embracing the long . . . → Read More: Musings by the Pool

Three is Definitely not a Crowd


As her fingertip landed on the hard nipple, a moan escaped Karen’s lips, a fog seemed to envelop her.  She had never in her life done anything like this. Her tongue snaked out of her mouth to lick her dry lips.  She could not resist the urge to move her finger back and . . . → Read More: Three is Definitely not a Crowd