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My Sexy Teasing Masturbatrix- Part 2


Her sexy, taut, filmy thong panties were my focal point at the very nexus of her most perfectly gorgeous legs hips and buttocks – when she permitted. Frequently she would tease me with views of her panties, knowing how erotically stimulating her wonderful poses were to me…how effortlessly she would create enormous desire . . . → Read More: My Sexy Teasing Masturbatrix- Part 2

My Sexy Teasing Masturbatrix


She used her wiles purposefully and really loved teasing boys like me. Helplessly, I asked her if I could approach her and offered a foot massage. β€œYes my pet. You may,” looking at me with those sultry eyes, pointedly.


I obediently crawled to those gorgeous heels and legs and carefully removed . . . → Read More: My Sexy Teasing Masturbatrix

Stockings, Stilettos & Straps…Oh My


She sat on the couch, like a cat, extremely comfortable in her own smooth skin. Her sexuality eminently evident, legs provocatively crossed left over right – high revealing a lot of her gorgeous left thigh, her tanned smooth skin above the patterned stocking tops at the very top visible to me, her pet.

. . . → Read More: Stockings, Stilettos & Straps…Oh My

Pretty Little Pink Bikini


I see you coming out of that dressing room in the store and asking me how I like this bikini… you’re cupping your breasts, pulling the bra triangles wider and narrower, asking me if your tits look good in them.


Then you pull me into the stall and shut the door . . . → Read More: Pretty Little Pink Bikini

Now that Summer is Nearly Here


And my honey is getting out of school…there are a few things that I need to share with you. I suspect that my schedule may be more erratic than it sometimes already is or seems to be. And in addition to being erratic, you also might find that I am here a tad . . . → Read More: Now that Summer is Nearly Here