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Bobby’s Irresistible Boyish Charm


“My boyfriend’s not here today but our 18-year-old neighbor boy is cutting the grass. I promised him he could fuck you as payment.”


Oh, sweet Jesus Mandy…


My cock jumps, my nipples get harder, and a vision of this sweaty 18-year-old with a body that’d put mine to shame flashes through my head.


“I told him I’d teach him how to fuck an older little dick guy like a bitch. I told him EVERYTHING about you too.”










God, you know how to play me, don’t you?


Casually she describes…Bobby.


A boyish yet rugged movie star like face.


Sandy blonde hair with piercing blue eyes.


And then…


“Bobby’s shorter than you but that’s expected. He is the captain and all-state champion in gymnastics after all…”


Oh, my god, this kid is going to destroy me.


He’s going to bury me with his stamina, strength, power, and flexibility.


“Yeah, he thinks he can bounce you cowgirl on his thick 9-inch cock. He thinks it’ll be humiliating for you to look him in the eyes when he does it. I think he’s right.”


And that…that is the last thing I remember.


No, the last thing I remember…was the giggling.


And now…I’m covered in cum.


It’s everywhere.


And all I can think is…


“Thank you, Goddess Mandy.”


You are so very welcome. It makes me feel incredibly wonderful to make YOU feel this way!! And having said this…I would like to invite you all to share a story or two with me! 🙂 


Here are the basic ground rules: (1) If you submit a story to me you are consenting to the possibility of it being shared on my blog. (2) Your  story must be original and written by you. (3) It must be between 100 and 1000 words. (4) Changes may be made in rare instances to allow for publication. I will ONLY alter your work if absolutely necessary. (5) If I choose your story you have also now won 10 Free minutes with me. (6) Your 10 Free minutes are good for 30 days after the initial (start) post. (7) Have fun!!!!


Joy & Love,

Goddess Mandy 🙂 XO


PS. Please submit any and all stories to my email at: 






4 comments to Bobby’s Irresistible Boyish Charm

  • Joe in FL

    Writing, huh? It seems like maybe I sent you some writing I did about some roleplay ideas I had… something about taking you bikini shopping…
    I think I’ll dust off one of those stories, spruce it up a little, and submit it to you, Mandy! Being featured on your blog here AND getting some time with you is the best prize I can think of! 💋 ❤

  • Mandy

    I think that I just might recall that one, Joe. 🙂 What a great idea…can’t wait to read what you submit to me! And I’m glad being featured AND getting some “free” time with me tops your list for best prizes!!!

  • Petey cream puff

    I need to do this as well!!! Should I email you past calls we did and you can look at it before you post in blog?

  • Mandy

    Well Petey…I am welcoming stories and/or poems from you and others. If you would like to write a story or a poem, I will decide if I would like to share it with others by putting it on my blog. Not everything that I receive will be published on my blog.

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