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And My Wedding Song Is…


Did you guess a Beatles song???  Well if you did…you may have won!


Read On!


First though I want to say a big huge THANK YOU to each and every one of you who participated in My Wedding Song Contest!! I had a ton of fun and I hope that you did, too! 🙂


There were many amazing guesses that came from all of you during the contest.  And some of you came up with some interesting and ingenious ways of trying to figure out just which artist and what song it could possibly be.


And one thing I did learn is that it was tough on some of you not being allowed to ask any questions or find out if YOUR guess was indeed the correct one.  It was a lil bit hard for me too at times, but I am a pretty good rule follower.  Although, perhaps they are a bit easier to follow when you create them yourself, lol!


So, here are some additional guesses that I thought were just great!

Love Me Tender (Elvis)

Can’t Help Falling In Love (Elvis)

Something In The Way She Moves (James Taylor)

Wild Horses (Rolling Stones)

And I Love Her (Beatles)

The Wonder Of You (Elvis)

Got To Get You Into My Life (Beatles)


And now without further ado….My wedding song was none other than In My Life (The Beatles). So congratulations to Brian who guessed it!!!!  YAY Brian… you won 30 FREE MINUTES with me!!!!  


I would like to thank you all once again for your participation and interest. However, I feel that I must give an individual shout out to someone who took the contest to a new level.  He worked diligently and tried different strategies and I feel an honorable mention must go out to kneel.



6 comments to And My Wedding Song Is…

  • kneelcc

    Congratulations to Brian. i know what Ms. Mandy’s 30 minute wonder can be. 😉

    Yes Goddess, i am bummed that none of my efforts reached fruition in this endeavor. However, i found Your contest challenging, fun, and …connecting in an interesting way. You know i would not have called less if there had been no contest. However, the hours i spent searching the web and listening to oldies and trying to decide if they might fit my perception of You, or not, kept You in the forefront of my mind, as well as my heart. Thank You for the honorable mention for my efforts for giving me a reason to more time focusing directly on You and the opportunity to channel even more rainbows of energy from all my chakras. As i have shared with You before, the potential to spend 30 minutes with You in excess of my limited resources will always cause me to strive to succeed. Yet, i do remember, about a year ago, a 15 minute gift from You that played a significant role in making my life better. Thanks for being You and choosing to be such an integral part of my life.

  • Petey cream puff

    Congrats to the winner!!! I was at wedding last night and after much thought wearing suits are sooo boring & lame. Seeing a lot of hot dresses as I had many of them and sooo wanted to wear them. It was cousins wedding and with famt there I couldn’t and was stuck in same old situation with to much drinking (which I didn’t do as I don’t want to be hungover for 3 days and waste whole day in bed) at my age I realize my days are over as most the hotties are 20-25 years younger then me😞😢. Hanging out with my dad was ok but it was older crowd where 10-20 years older and I didn’t like that as this always happens to me when I go to weddings.😡👎After much thought id rather wear women’s clothes/bra/panties/slip/dresses/ankle/knee high boots/mules. I have reception and I’m going to wear my women’s slim fit pull up slacks in either brown/wine or black color along with asking my date if I should wear ankle boots or mules. Same with wearing my Ralph Lauren midnight romance lotion layering it with perfume. If people notice I’ll just say she wanted me to wear it and I’ll have foot in door with her in female lead relationship and be under her control.

  • Brian Blazer

    I can’t believe it, I never win anything!!! Thank you so very much 🙂

  • Mandy

    Thank you kneel! Your efforts always go noticed by Me!!! 🙂 And I love how you not only congratulated Brian but you remembered and shared that particular 30 minutes of amazing deliciousness! 🙂 AND I equally love your mention of My 15 minute gift…I remember it very well and know just how helpful it was to you, thank you!! XO 🙂

  • Mandy

    Thanks Petey, I am sure that Brian appreciates that. 🙂 Weddings sure are interesting things…sorry that you didn’t have a better time. Enjoy the reception that you’re attending!

  • Mandy

    Yay Brian!!!! So now you just can’t say never! 😉 Looking forward to spending the time with you…it will be great. It always is with you!! XO 🙂

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