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John’s Unexpected Thursday Night Plans


We had been seeing each other for over ten months now.  While we still kept our own places, we did spend a lot of time together, mostly at my place and I had given her a key to the house.  Thursday was generally “girls’ night out” and after that Mandy would generally stay . . . → Read More: John’s Unexpected Thursday Night Plans

Spring Spring…Where Are You?


I have been feeling very teased, and unfortunately mostly denied by our lovely mother nature these past few weeks! So many signs of spring yet so much coldness still in our days. I am waiting and wanting and longing to feel that flimsy cotton shirt, those light weight pants. Yet, I not so . . . → Read More: Spring Spring…Where Are You?

Bobby’s Irresistible Boyish Charm


“My boyfriend’s not here today but our 18-year-old neighbor boy is cutting the grass. I promised him he could fuck you as payment.”


Oh, sweet Jesus Mandy…


My cock jumps, my nipples get harder, and a vision of this sweaty 18-year-old with a body that’d put mine to shame flashes through . . . → Read More: Bobby’s Irresistible Boyish Charm