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My Sexy Summer Swimsuit Contest…Cum Play!!!


So I know it’s the dog days of August and some of you may likely be away…but I still wanna play!!!  So find some time and cum out and play with me!


As much fun as I can have all by my lonesome (ohhh and I most certainly can, lol)…it would be at least 7x more fun with you by my side…or underneath me…or of course at my lovely feet! 🙂


And speaking of my lovely feet…I wonder just how many of you realize how much I LOVE having my pretty feet rubbed and kissed and licked and sucked on?!? Well, it’s true! 


But I digress, lol.  Let’s get back on track here…did you read my last post about my sexy fun contest???  Well, you could win up to 30 FREE MINUTES with me!  So, might I suggest that you go back and take a little lookie!! 🙂


Below are the Contest Rules…But what exactly are you trying to guess?!?  You don’t know, do you?!  Well, I guess that your next move is obvious then, huh??  Go back and check out my last post! 🙂



1) Every call gives you at least one guess.

2) A scheduled call gives you 2 guesses instead of one, but must be scheduled 24 hours in advance.

3) Arrange a call through dispatch when I am NOT logged in.  If you are lucky enough to find me available for you, a bonus guess is yours.

4) For those of you with the gift of gab, a 60 minute call gives you 2 guesses.  And for 30 minutes more another guess you score.

5) Each participant can win once and only once.  If you happen to guess the correct song twice, you win one and only one prize.

6) If more than one participant guesses my wedding song, they each receive their equal share of the prize.

7) Everybody be silly and have fun with this contest!!!


So far nobody has guessed correctly, so you’re all still in the game! Ohhhh and one more little thing…if you DO guess correctly you will not know.  The correct answer and winner(s) will be revealed ONLY after my contest has ended (August 31).


And just remember…if you don’t guess, you can’t win!







Mandy’s Sexy Summer Swimsuit Contest (Without The Swimsuit- Ohhh My)


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Well, you’re absolutely in luck as I have another sexy fun contest for all of you to try your hand at!


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Living Vicariously…Are You Being True To Yourself?


I thought that this would be really fun to talk about! Why you ask?!? Well for starters, I think it’s something that we all can relate to. I believe that we all likely do it at least somewhat, at least sometimes, or have at least at some point in time.


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Just want you to know…


John and I were just away for two days (at my new favorite place) and we are leaving again for the weekend and a lil bit more. 🙂


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A Cuckold Story Continues…


Pete and I spoke many times before I knew much about Liz or she knew anything at all about me.  One thing I always enjoyed about Pete was just how fun and laid back he was…well perhaps that is two things, lol.


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