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Just want you to know…


John and I were just away for two days (at my new favorite place) and we are leaving again for the weekend and a lil bit more. ūüôā


So for those of you who don’t already know…John is a teacher and like many teachers, he has the summer off. ¬†So, this is our best time to really get away and enjoy each other…our time to relax and leave it all behind.


But even though we are getting away from it all…there are times that I still do work a bit. ¬†However, these times and sessions are almost exclusively by appointment only.


So, that being said…here are some helpful tips if you’re wanting to check on my availability (vacation time or not) and/or schedule a call with me:


(1) Check the website to see if I am there.

(2) Check my blog to see if I am there (working), available, or in session.

(3) Send me an email asking if I can speak with you right then and there OR to schedule an appointment with me.

(4) Call Dispatch to check on my availability or ability to make an appointment with you.  Ask them to please reach out to me.

(5) Email our Live Help (Molly & Cassidy) to check on my availability or ability to make an appointment with you.  Ask them to please reach out to me.


And once again, I can not say enough about planning ahead… even if it’s only a couple of hours (especially if I am away)! ¬†This planning could go a long way in your chances of getting me! ¬†Because for¬†us the summer is still young!


What does this really mean, you say?!? ¬†It means that there is MUCH more fun & frolicking to be had!!! ¬†And that John and I might take off for the day or even a few days, on a whim. ¬† AND it also might mean that it’s just a tad more difficult to play with your favorite Goddess Mandy while school is out!



A Cuckold Story Continues…


Pete and I spoke many times before I knew much about Liz or she knew anything at all about me. ¬†One thing I always enjoyed about Pete was just how fun and laid back he was…well perhaps that is two things, lol.


Don’t get me wrong, I felt his passion for his . . . → Read More: A Cuckold Story Continues…

A Cuckold Story…From The Beginning


It all began for me and Peter back in the Spring of 2011. ¬†He called me and said that he was new to this and wasn’t really sure what all he wanted to talk about or explore. ¬†But one thing was clear, he was on the small size (penis wise) and wanted to . . . → Read More: A Cuckold Story…From The Beginning

“U” Is For…Unconditional Positive Regard


I had a few ideas but what I have settled on is Unconditional Positive Regard (UPR). ¬†Yes, I know….any of you that know me well or at least reasonably well are not surprised that I want to talk about something such as this. ¬†And you probably realize that I just can’t help myself….it’s . . . → Read More: “U” Is For…Unconditional Positive Regard

Taking Some Time For Me….And Perhaps You???


What the heck am I really saying?!? ¬†Well, what I am trying to share with you is that I am going away for a few days (leaving Friday) to explore and embrace the 7 R’s…..Yes 7 of course, lol.


I will be reading, resting, relaxing, recharging, recreating, rejoicing, and reciprocating. ¬†Ohhhhhh lol, . . . → Read More: Taking Some Time For Me….And Perhaps You???