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Hmmmm “Q”…..Wait, I Have It!



Queening is also known as facesitting or sometimes kinging, but neither begin with a Q, lol. 🙂  For those of you who may not be completely if at all familiar with this term, here is a wee bit more info for you.


Wikipedia describes it this way:

“Facesitting, also known as queening or kinging, is a sexual practice in which one partner sits on or over the other’s face, typically to allow or force oral–genital or oral–anal contact. In addition to oral-genital and oral-anal contact, the position also leaves the bottom partner’s hands free to stimulate other erogenous zones (e.g., anus, nipples, etc.). The top partner may be facing either direction in this position. It is common for this position to form part of BDSM, involving dominance and submission, though this need not be the case. Within a BDSM or D/s context, facesitting can be a form of erotic humiliation.”


Mmmmmmm have you ever tried it???  It is DELICIOUS!!!  And if you have, I just bet you’ll agree that Queening could most definitely be a wonderful part of strap-on play!


I love the thought of my pussy and/or ass being licked in this manner.  And maybe I sit on your face before I fuck you or maybe after….or why not both, right?!? 🙂   There’s no reason that I should I have to choose!!


And perhaps I have you suck my cock in this wonderful position…you looking up into my eyes and me down into yours…SO powerful, SO sexy, SO intense!   Me controlling just how much of my beautiful cock you will take in your mouth, down your throat!  OHHHHHHH YESSSSSSS!!!!


Did I make your mouth water, perhaps???

Are you wanting me to queen you right now???

Are you aching to try it for the very first time???




50 Shades Of Goddess Mandy, Anyone?!?


Maybe Ms. Meredith is on to something here…LOL!  It was she that came up with 50 Shades of Goddess Mandy…well 50 Shades of “Mistress” Mandy to be exact but we won’t mince words *wink*.


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Ohhhhhhh That Beautiful “Little P”


What is that beautiful “little p” you wonder??  I am guessing that many of you likely know exactly where I am going with this…*wink*  And if for some reason you don’t…I will tell you!


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50 Shades Of…


So… my boyfriend brought home this really interesting and funny book the other day, lol.  I love that he was thinking of me and just as much that it was such a uniquely fun surprise!  And even though he just LOVES to cook (and does it so damn well) I knew that it . . . → Read More: 50 Shades Of…

I’m Still Doing My ABC’s…


And now we’re on the letter “O”.


So here are my thoughts… ORAL, ORIFICE, and OPEN UP!! 🙂  Mmmmmm they all sound so deliciously naughty and wonderful, don’t you think?!?

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