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A Lil Birdie Reminded Me…


So, are any of you out there procrastinators?!?  Well it’s not exactly my go to but now and again…yes, guilty as charged!  *wink*


So, on this note…I was running a little contest back some weeks ago (some of you may recall) on who could be or would be the most creative (in my eyes anyway) with “50 Shades Of…”


Well now it’s finally official, we have a winner!  And the winner is… *drum roll please* Kink!!!


Congratulations to you Kink for being so eager, so creative and having so much fun with my little contest!!!!  And thank you’s all around to everyone who joined in on the fun! 🙂


And in case some of you missed Kink’s submissions (and there were a lot)…here are just a few of my favorites:

50 Shades of Buttered Fingers

50 Shades of Thai Me Up

50 Shades of Goddess Dressing Me

50 Shades of Pad (dle) Thai

50 Shades of IHOP On You

50 Shades of  O, Range For Me To Serve You

50 Shades of Caramel La dy (latte)

50 Shades of Honeydew Melons

50 Shades of Moist Sweet Mounds


***And just in case you haven’t yet heard… Cumming VERY soon…Our very own Enchanting (And Sexy) Reindeer Games!!!***




Thanksgiving…America At It’s Best!


Thank you to ALL of the amazing people in my life who have helped me, supported me, and loved me!

 Hoping for a joyful, peaceful, fun-filled, healthy holiday season!

 Appetites a plenty…turkey, stuffing, butternut squash, mashed potato, cranberry sauce, gravy and more!

 Nap time for Uncle Charlie, he’s snoring on the couch, lol. . . . → Read More: Thanksgiving…America At It’s Best!

Giving Thanks…What Are You Grateful For?


I found this Thanksgiving poem and I just love it!  What a beautiful garden!  🙂



And yes, I am asking YOU, what are YOU grateful for???  


There are SO many many things that I am grateful for in my life…and I don’t want to judge them or their . . . → Read More: Giving Thanks…What Are You Grateful For?

Cum Eating…Ohhhh Yessss More Please!!!


Does this sound like you?  Would YOU be uttering these lovely words to me or to someone else, perhaps?!?


Are you a cum-eater???  Are you a cum-lover???


I AM…well I am a lover of YOU eating your cum and eating it all!  And of course I am an equally big fan . . . → Read More: Cum Eating…Ohhhh Yessss More Please!!!

Halloween Thoughts…


Lots of footsteps coming quickly up the walkway…lots of happy children coming in two’s, three’s, four’s and more!!   “Trick or treat” they say… although some just stand there outside of my front door and stare at me as if this custom is a bit new… I sweetly prompt…”Do I get a . . . → Read More: Halloween Thoughts…