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Bigger is not ALWAYS better!!!


It’s true for many things…at least as I see it!  For instance…aren’t there times that you’re more than glad your car is small…there was one spot left on the street and your little car fit in so nicely with just inches to spare.  But if you were driving that big SUV…nope, lol.


Bigger is not always better.


And what about having smaller thinner fingers… think of all of the tight spaces you can work in that someone with larger fingers just can’t.


Bigger is not always better.


And of course I would be remiss if I didn’t speak about COCK, right?!? Well, in my opinion, there is big and then there is “Oh my god, you are not going to fuck me with that!”  Size does matter…but it’s not just the size of the cock it’s the size of the space the cock is going into.  A cock that might please my pussy might be distressing to my ass. Sometimes, something a bit smaller can give all the more pleasure!


Bigger is not always better.


So, once again you’re probably thinking…OK Mandy where the heck are you going with this?!? *wink*  Well, I will tell you…recently I’ve taken a couple of overnights with my boyfriend.  We drove less than 2 hours to get there but it was just far enough away to feel away…if you know what I mean? 🙂  There was nothing big or grandiose about where we stayed or what we did but we got away from our day to day, away from our usual grind so to speak.  We left behind the laundry, the cooking, the dishes and that was just enough for us and nicely did the trick!


There are times when the big getaway IS exactly what you need.  But there are times when a small overnight trip or even a day trip is sufficient to recharge your batteries and reset your perspective. Don’t be afraid to embrace the little things when you can.  You don’t need to wait for that nicely planned out vacation.  To truly enjoy life you must never let the perfect be the enemy of the good.



Ode to the day of Love…

It is pretty amazing the wonderfulness that oozes out of people on a day such as today…so much love, so much kindness, so much sweetness, so much adoration!  I love it…I love everything about it!!!

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Are You A Planner Or A Planner Wanna Be?!?


Calling All Planners AND Planner Wanna Be’s!!!


Is this YOU????


Have you been thinking…I would really love to carve some time out of my busy schedule to speak with Goddess Mandy?!?  She is so nice, so hot, so sexy, so smart, so playful, so naughty, so damn much fun!! Ohhhh . . . → Read More: Are You A Planner Or A Planner Wanna Be?!?

February Scheduary!


Have I Got A Deal For You!!!!


That’s right, I’m running a promotion for the entire month of February! Any and every call of at least 1 hour that is scheduled no less than 24 hours in advance will receive a bonus of 10 extra minutes Free!  Yes, FREE and to be . . . → Read More: February Scheduary!



Yes, you got that just right!  I am talking about Anal Stretching! And like myself, I know there are a ton of people out there that are equally big fans of this type of activity, perhaps even bigger!  🙂


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