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All Is Finally Revealed To Puppy!


“Please Mistress Veronica, please tell me.”  “Oh, I can do better than that. I can show you.”  


Her hands slipped behind my head and untied the blindfold.  It seemed to float away from me and my eyes blinked and blinked again and again to adjust to the light.  


She lifted my chin and I saw her before me. Standing there in a corset. Her breasts almost spilling from it, a wisp of a panty covering her pussy, sheer black stockings caressing her long, toned legs.  She stepped to me and held my chin in her fingers and placed a soft kiss on my lips.


“Hello baby, I see you have been a very good boy for Mistress Veronica.”


I was stunned and could not believe what I was seeing, feeling. Never in my wildest dreams would I have dreamt this. “Yes, yes Mistress. I have tried to be good for her.”


Veronica’s fingers ran through my hair, “No puppy, this is not Mistress. It is Goddess who stands before you.” Mandy smiled and looked softly into my eyes.  “So, John, tell me what you want.”


A smile was on my lips. “I want to be a good boy for you, Goddess. Your puppy.” Mandy smiled “And so you shall be.”  She then placed her hands on my cock and started to stroke me all the while telling me I was her good boy and my purpose now was to please her, serve her and obey her.  


I could not stop my hips moving in time to her stroking. “That’s a good puppy. Fuck my hand. Fuck it.” I could only moan and press harder, faster to her hand, my cock sliding between her fingers. “Please, please Goddess. I need to. Oh fuck, so close. Please Goddess.”


My balls were aching, tight and filled with my seed. She squatted before me and inched closer holding my cock above her full lush breasts.  “Not yet, puppy. No cumming for you yet. I want to enjoy your need, see that desire. Can you beg for me, puppy? Can you beg for what you want?”


My teeth had closed on my lip as I fought for control.  Her stroking and squeezing was relentless. My balls ached like never before.  I could feel my cock filling with cum. I begged her as I groaned and my body was close to convulsions.  “Please Goddess. Please. I need it. So hard to hold it. Anything Goddess, I will do anything for you if you let me cum.”  


My eyes had closed tightly as I was fighting what I knew would be a loosing battle.  


“Good puppy. I will count down for you. 5…I have never seen you this hard. 4………… 3… You belong to me now puppy, don’t you?” “Yes, I am all yours.  I belong to you, only you.” “2…. Almost there, hold on puppy, hold on…… 1…………………… Cum, Cum for me. Cum on my tits, puppy. CUM NOW!”


My cock erupted at her command.  Ribbons of cum shooting from the flared mushroom head and falling to her breasts. My balls pumping furiously to empty their load. I stood there my body shaking, waves of pleasure crashing over me again and again.  Finally, so good, so intense, My balls emptied on her breasts. The hot creamy liquid clinging to her flesh.


She stood and turned to Veronica, holding out her hand she spoke softly, “Come to me, my girl.” The Mistress who started me on the journey stepped to her Goddess.  She smiled and lowered herself to Mandy’s cum covered breasts and started to lick the cum from them as I watched in total amazement.


Joy & Love,

Goddess Mandy 🙂 XO


PS. Were you following John’s story these past many weeks? Were you waiting with baited breath for the next installment? Could you relate to John’s experience? Did the end of the story surprise you? Tell me!! 

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