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It’s Moving Day…Oh Boy!!!


I’m moving, I’m moving, I’m moving!   I am SO excited I can’t stand it!!


Well, that’s pretty much not true at all, lol.  But, it WILL be great to get it over and done with!  🙂  And moving is taxing (in my opinion) both physically and mentally AND mentally and physically.  Did I say it’s taxing?!?!?


But, here is the good news…there is not a lot left to move…and going from my place to the storage space is less than 3 miles away!  AND I am going to have the help of 2 big strong men who will do all of the heavy lifting, yay!!!  AND I will no longer need to send rent to the landlord…and that is the biggest YAY of all!!!


So while moving is taxing and stressful, it is also about change.  And yes, change can also be hard and change can be scary.  But, at the same time, change can be positive, and happy, and healthy, and exciting! 🙂  We all go through changes in our lives, some big, some small, some happy, some sad.  Sometimes changes in our lives are full of ambivalence and we are not really sure how we feel…so many emotions!


While every change does not result in emerging as a fresh new butterfly, and some changes have no silver lining, if we work to embrace change and find the good, the likelihood of emerging from our cocoon as that beautiful butterfly will increase by leaps and bounds!



So…What Is I For You Ask???


“I” is for that necessary action of……………………..INSERTION!!


So when it cums to strap-on play obviously nothing much can happen without insertion, right?!?


Although, where exactly this lovely strap-on dildo is inserted is of course in question and something to be discussed, lol.  This cock-like attachment (AKA Goddess Mandy’s Strap-On) can certainly . . . → Read More: So…What Is I For You Ask???

The Best Little Cum-Eater!!!


As many of you may know I am a Mistress (Goddess is what I prefer to be called) who enjoys many many many sexy, erotic, and naughty things!   One of these “things” some of you may already know is my love of cum eating!   No, not MY love of cum eating but . . . → Read More: The Best Little Cum-Eater!!!

Another Anniversary To Celebrate!


Yes, it’s true!  My LDW 6-year Anniversary was in March and this Anniversary is in May!


Can you guess what it is?!?  I bet that I am stumping ALL of you on this one, lol. 🙂


Okay, I will just tell you…


Remember way back when how so many of . . . → Read More: Another Anniversary To Celebrate!

And “H” Is None Other Than…



So, I guess we really should discuss this “harness” thing as without it you really don’t have ANY strap-on play…LOL! Well…that is actually not entirely correct…but this is where I will be focusing my energy and attention.


So, there are a LOT of different types of harnesses out there on . . . → Read More: And “H” Is None Other Than…