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My Sexy Summer Swimsuit Contest…Reminders & Updates!


OK 9 Days left…here we go!

As many of your know…I am NOT informing anyone until the contest is over.  However, I will tell you that the correct guess is still out there floating in the ether. Yet, I remain confident that SOMEONE will indeed figure it out!


A Few (pertinent) Reminders


I was married in the summer of 2000 in Massachusetts. My ex is 5+ years older than me.  Some of the artists we considered in choosing our wedding song were The Stones, Herman’s Hermits, James Taylor, The Beatles, Elvis Presley, Shania Twain & Loggins & Messina.

***One of these artists IS indeed the correct artist (there was some confusion about this)!!***


Do you remember what you get if you win?!?  Well, it is 30 FREE MINUTES for you!  But… if you are not the sole winner then you must share these minutes.  So, if there are 2 winners you each receive 15 minutes Free. And if there are 3, you each make out with 10 minutes for Free.


I will inform any and all winners at the beginning of October and you will need to use your free minutes by November 1st.  Below are the contest rules….one more time! 🙂



1) Every call gives you at least one guess.

2) A scheduled call gives you 2 guesses instead of one, but must be scheduled 24 hours in advance.

3) Arrange a call through dispatch when I am NOT logged in.  If you are lucky enough to find me available for you, a bonus guess is yours.

4) For those of you with the gift of gab, a 60 minute call gives you 2 guesses.  And for 30 minutes more another guess you score.

5) If more than one participant guesses my wedding song, they each receive their equal share of the prize.

6) Your guess or guesses as the case may be need to be given at the time of your call.

7) Everybody be silly and have fun with this contest!!!


A Few (pertinent) Updates


More great guesses…7 of Course!

Please Come To Boston- Kenny Loggins

Love Me Tender- Elvis Presley

From This Moment On- Shania Twain

Something In The Way She Moves- James Taylor

How Sweet Is Is (To Be Loved By You)- James Taylor

Love Me Do- The Beatles

Can’t Help Falling In Love- Elvis Presley


Call me and guess!!!  I want YOU to win!!!








Did You Know?!?


Man on Man Action

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The Summer May Be Slipping Away But…


That doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the sun or the outdoors.  And it certainly doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy some good vibrations!!! 🙂


Yes that’s right… I am on the letter “V” 🙂  And when I think about Good Vibrations…the Beach Boys always come to mind!  Ohhhh and well…my vibrator too, . . . → Read More: The Summer May Be Slipping Away But…

Looks Like We’re Doing It Again Boys!!


Do you know what that means?!?  Nooooooo…you really don’t know?? Well, that means that nobody won my wonderful fabulous insanely fun wedding song contest! Nope…that’s right, nobody guessed it.




I can’t believe that nobody guessed my wedding song…what a shame. Well, honestly I am not . . . → Read More: Looks Like We’re Doing It Again Boys!!

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